Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bead Hopping and Swapping All Over The Place!

                        It's that time of year again for all of us bead aficionados!
              Swapping and hopping all over the place.  Exchanges of beads with
            partners you might know in real life, or are in the same face book bead
            group with, or maybe you might never have heard of.  That's what makes it
            so exciting.
                       Getting matched up with a bead swapping partner is nothing like
            getting matched up with the hospital you hoped you would for your intern-
            ship/medical residency.  For one thing, our patients are not alive.  That is
            because they come to life with a little imagination AND artistic flair!
                         I for one can't wait for the challenges to start!  BRING IT ON!
                                                           Robin  ♡      

ps, from 1/30/17
              A little bit about me. I know I just posted about swapping and hopping
        and added some photos of my work, but I really didn't tell you about my style.
        I have been doing a lot of work with copper, brass, German silver and aluminum.
        I found that I adore painting metals with fire!  The colors that I get are different
        each time.  I know what you're thinking...How can a person that likes everything
        to be match, matchy perfect justify that.  Well, it's just the artiste in me.  LOL
              I also have been experimenting with leather, cutting, riveting and etching
        the metals,  I recently have become enamored with some new Czech etched a/b
        beads and new colors of crystal.  Gemstones seem to just pop when I use them with
        those beads and with the metals.
             I wonder if it's legal to be having so much fun doing something you love!


  1. Great post!!! Can't wait to see who you are paired with!!!

  2. Hey, Robin! This post reminded me again of the many techniques you have mastered and how I tried flame coloring copper after I read about it on your blog :) Have fun with the new hop!

    1. Thank you! It should be a fun hop! I am glad that you have been trying new techniques too!