Sunday, May 15, 2016

The 2016 Swap N Hop!

                          The time has come again for the annual Bead Peeps SWAP N HOP!

I asked to be paired with someone overseas for this swap and was so very delighted to be matched up with Rozantia Petkova from Sofia,Bulgaria!  Such a talented designer and I MUST add wire wrapper!

When my my beady goodness arrived I could hardly contain my elation!  Inside the package was a really cool metal box that contained the drool worthy swap!  She not only sent me some scrumptious lampwork beads, gemstones, a cool copper clasp, and an artisan ceramic pendant, BUT, she included something that I coveted!  One of her wire wrapped pieces of sea glass!  How lucky was and am I?! By the way, I used every single bead!  Thank you  Rozantia!  Please make sure you visit Rozantia's blog too...Here is the link...Rosantia Petkova

Here is what I sent to Rozantia...

Take a gander at the deliciousness that I received from Rozantia...

To this I added beads and copper findings from my bead stash to create all the pieces I would like to share with you in this chapter of my blog.

The first piece I designed was the Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Goddess Necklace.

Using the wire wrapped sea glass pendant I added pale green sea glass beads, matte green jasper that   matches the pendant, crystal, crystal encrusted copper color pewter, and copper daisy shaped pewter spacer beads.  

  For the rest of the pieces I tried a new technique, Fire Painting Copper!  Yes, the person that almost lost her fingers due to mishandling a soldering iron used a TORCH to paint copper!  Unbelievable as it seems I didn't burn any fingers OR hair.  I am HOOKED!!!

When the flame hits the metal the colors are very intense.  Just as a watercolorist dips a brush into water and paint the colors are never exact so each piece of copper will never be exactly the same!

Next I decided to make some earrings that can be worn with this necklace.  

 The pair on the left was made using fire painted copper chain and copper wire along with the delicate Czech glass drops beads.  The paler green sea glass pair of earrings was also made with fire painted copper that  I wire wrapped to showcase the winged shaped pieces and added a fire polished bead to the top of each earring.  Finally, I made the third pair of earrings with the lampwork beads and fire painted copper daisy spacers.   All three pairs of earrings are on copper plated lever back ear wires.

My ode to the 60's and 70's is The Flower Power Necklace!

To the beautiful ceramic focal piece and gemstones I added a randomly wired and hammered copper piece that I made and wrapped with the fire painted wire and firepolished Czech beads, fire painted   flowers, matte jade beads, and more of the Czech firepolished beads.  Completing the look are copper daisy spacer beads, antiqued copper plated tubes and lobster claw clasp and copper plated jump rings.

Now for the matching earrings! 

In these two pairs of earrings you can actually see how the fire painted copper looks.  To the pair of gemstone beads I added fire painted copper chain and fire painted copper end caps.  For the Czech glass owl earrings I again added the fire painted chain and copper filigree stampings that I again fire painted.  I also added the fire painted wire and copper plated lever back ear wires.
 For the pair on the left I added to the gemstones fire painted copper drops and fire painted wires and findings in the middle.  The pair of earring on the right I made using the matte jade beads and gemstones and fire painted copper flowers.  Both pairs have copper plated lever back ear wires.

  This pair of Czech flower beads and matte jade beads and copper daisy spacers earrings hang off hammered and fire painted copper washers.

  Finally, these earrings, made of gemstone and matte jade beads have a fire painted bead cap and copper plated lever back ear wires.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my creations and blog.  A very special thank you to our Hostess Linda Anderson for coordinating all of the Bead Peeps!
Here is a link to everyone that participated in this year's Swap N Hop!          

Linda Anderson - Hostess -
Palak (aka Pallavi Asher) Krafty Max