Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Welcome to Faery"-19th Blogger/nonblogger challenge Bead Peeps!

                                    The Faery King and Queen....

I couldn't choose just from one of the Faery inspirational collage photos so I
based my necklace on all of them.  '

I also decided to do what I do best...think about the challenge and procrastinate
for the day.  Then, as usual, I started the necklace at 9pm tonight.  LOL

I did have an idea and actually pulled out the ceramic pendant-artist unknown
earlier and just knew it was to be the focal piece!

I gathered everything in a little pile on my bead board a Kristal Wick Sassy Silky,
a new/old brass flower, some farfale beads, 2 beautiful blue beads-I just love the
color and gloss, a pewter fairy,  an iridescent butterfly. brass wire, vintage chain,
a pewter clasp, and of course the Faery King himself!

After staring at the components for a long-like all day-time it came to me!  As you
can see, the Faery King has decided to emerge from his forest surrounded by leaves
and his little Faery Queen!  A butterfly has fluttered by and dragonflies flutter
around the Sassy Silky tube protecting them!

Now I present to you The Faery King and Faery Queen in all their glory!!!

Thank you for stopping by!


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