Wednesday, February 11, 2015

                                  The Swap N Hop is here!  The Swap N Hop here!
             Why is it that I want to say the Sock Hop is here? 

            Wow it seems like I just signed up and I have already been paired with a new
      hop partner in crime, Sam Waghorn from England!

             I can't believe that I get to participate in this swap with someone from England!  So
       cool since I have bbca on all the time-lol! 
             I have just reread some of her blogs and looked at all of her stunning designs and
        just WOW.   I suggest that you all go take a peek at them because I guarantee that you
        won't be disappointed!  This is the link to it

            Sam has made some fabulous pieces using mixed metals and upcycling!  I especially   
       love that she includes fauna in some of her pieces and the fact that we use similar color
       pallets is icing on the cake!  I know that this pairing is a match made in Beady Heaven!

           Can't wait to send her some beady goodness and see what she will be sending me, but
      everyone will have to wait until May for the reveal!!!



  1. Thank you for the awesome intro Robin.
    Especially like the partner in crime part lol.
    I am really looking forward to being challenged again, although you seem to be a dab hand at hopping.

  2. great job Robin love the grape earrings and the necklace