Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Blu Mudd Round Six Challenge (Black and White Victorian)

             "The Sexiest Necklace Ever!"

     I can't begin to tell you just how much I LOVED this challenge!  As soon as I saw the
beautiful ceramic pieces that Moriah Betterly had created I had already envisioned what I
would be making in my head-sort of like an epiphany!

      So I set upon creating "The Sexiest Necklace Ever!" which is ironic because as we
all know, the Victorian Era was one of sexual repression!

     The wearer of my jewelry set will be ogled coming and going because yes, with apologies
to Justin Timberlake", I am bringing "Sexy Back"! The front is made with shell pearls and
pewter findings, not to mentions the fabulous Blu Mudd ceramic Victorian Silhouette and
scroll tube bead! The back is composed of four strands of beads...a/b crystal rondells, FWP,
miracle beads and specially coated pyrite, not to mention the special chain, pewter clasp and
the fantastic flower connector made by Blu Mudd that hangs down the back for that little extra
"Ooh La La" factor!  Oh, and did you check out the earrings???  Made with silhouette dangles
and pewter and again the fabulous scroll tubes made by Blu Mudd's very own Moriah Betterly!
     'Til next time...


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