Saturday, May 10, 2014

                                              Bead Soup Blog Hop 201   

Hello Bead Soup Bloggers....

Welcome to my "hopping, happening blog"!

This is my second year and  I was lucky enough to be paired with a wonderful
lamp work artist!  Her name is Sharyl Helton King and she is quite talented.  It
was a wonderful coincidence that Lori paired us up as we have both worked in
the medical field!

Sharyl sent me a wonderful soup that included many of her works of art as well
as crystals and my all time favorite...carved scarabs!

This hop I only made one piece.  Of course the beautiful focal was made by Sharyl
and I chose to use some curved metal tubes that were included in the soup that she
sent me.  I added a strand of hematite with a specialty coating on it as well as 
crystals and chain finishing off the piece with the vintage looking 2 strand pearl clasp.

Usually it takes me forever when I make a piece of jewelry because I will lay it out
on a bead board and fiddle around with it about a dozen times.  NOT this time though.
I opened the box that the soup was in and the bead and the tubes were kind of in
the position in my final design!  I placed all of the items on my bead board and what
you see is the original design!

I hope you like it because it is one piece that I will be keeping!