Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Color Of Dreams Blog Hop-April 6, 2014

                                                            The Color Of  Dreams...

                                                         The Color Of Dreams...


     What is the color of my dreams AND  do I even dream in color?
     The answer to both of those questions is I really don't know.  What I do know however, is
that I do dream.  I dream of many things, but mostly I dream about beads, Beads, and more BEADS! 

     To paraphrase Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr.. "I had a dream"  and it was to actually finish
this piece on time.  The fact that I made this piece just before I sat down to write my blog, has
EVERYTHING to do with what one would call procrastination. 

     You see, I am always a day late and a dollar-or in this case a jewelry idea-short.  I thought,
and I thought and I thought and I ended up putting off making this piece.  I had one great idea
that didn't come to fruition.  I designed a second piece, which I was unhappy with.  You know
the deal...I made a third piece which I think looks ok, but being the nut that I am I will probably
will remake it a fourth time.

     Ok, so not really what you would think of as a dream so here is the deal... the rest of my
dreams are about birds...beads and birds...and birds that actually leave my tools and beads alone!
I think that's a great combination...Now I feel like Steve Martin and his wishes..."if I had one
wish it would be for world peace"...I guess you have to be a certain age to
remember that SNL skit!

     So that's about my dreams and wishes!

     Now that I have been trying to post this for HOURS-since 4pm EST-my new dream is that I will actually be able to do it BEFORE the next CENTURY!

     I hope you like what I finally designed.  I know that I really enjoyed being included in this
 blog hop!  Thank you everyone for taking the time to peruse and ogle my work.


     Oh and p.s. I used sugilite, pewter, fresh water pearls, Chinarovski, a vintage focal and of course the fabulous polymer bead made just for this blog hop!


  1. A bittersweet day for you that ends with a dream of enchantment.

  2. Thank you Kathleen! Now to edit again because I left out a few words!

  3. Robin, the Procrastination Bug gets me often, also :) I can't see any photos :( I read on quite a few posts lately that people were having issues with photos "disappearing" after posting. Hope you will be able to get around this! I will be back and check again :)

  4. Well Robin, just know you are not alone! Procrastination is my middle name when it is not my first name. I would love to see pics of what you did make & then remade. I will check back later & hopefully you will have settled on your "dream"! :)

  5. I can't see pics either but will check back later. Sometimes you just have to wait for the right muse... Mine often comes last minute as well.

  6. I see the photos now! :) Your vintage focal and beautiful sugilite are stunning with your bead! Some of us work best under that last minute pressure as artists, no matter how much we plan. I love to jump in last minute & create. Whatever the norm may be for you, your work is gorgeous, Robin! You created a lovely jewelry art and your dream for peace on Earth is just like you -- beautiful and generous, creative and definitely a dream to know will come true, one to behold and one to be counted on! Thank you for sharing your talents with us all in the hop. I know it wasn't easy for you & you worked very hard to post your photos! You did it!! xxoo Rita

  7. LOL I do remember the skit. And I really like what you came up with. My ideas usually come at the last minute, too. A great necklace.

  8. I love purple so I love the bead that you got. The gold really sets it off well. Good choice!

  9. I too had to redo, but I love this Necklace. Love your Vintage spin using purple and brass. Its lovely.

  10. I love your design!!! I think it is wonderful!!! I love the vintage design and the colors and just everything!!! Have a Blessed Day!!!

  11. Ohhh, I love this Purple and brass/gold tones work so well together~

    Sorry this comment took so long, this week has been a little heretic.

  12. Wonderful colours, and such a ♥beautiful beautiful necklace! It's very elegant Robin! Must be a great pleasure to wear it...

  13. We'll it looks like procrastination is the answer to your dreams all right for sure. Through your procrastination evolved this brilliant design... It is magnificent. I stared at it for a Long time trying to place the era that the larger brass looking pendant was representing. I thought maybe Art Deco type pendant or maybe Egyptian . For all I know it could be neither It works with that really nice and stunning rectangular purple fascinating pendant bead on top of it. Believe it or not I wanted to throw a few more adjectives in this comment. But I controlled myself ...I didn't want to come off too gushy head over hills about tis great piece of artisan ship..this darn eye pad kept changing that word so I just left it that bye now off to do more hopping....I think before this hop is over I will have changed my name to Peter cotton